Canvass Information

The Board of Elections will conduct the canvass (counting) of vote by mail ballots beginning at 9am on Thursday, May 21. The event will be live streamed here: Anyone can watch the canvass.

The Board will meet in person, following social distancing guidelines at 4pm each day to make Board decisions. A close-up of the ballot or envelope in question will be provided to those watching the live stream. After Board decisions, the Board will allow 15 minutes for questions and answers from watchers. This will be accessed through a Google Hangout by calling: 1(609)666-4106 PIN: 141722941#

By 5pm each day, our website and social medlk,;.ia will be updated to reflect whether a canvass will be held the next day.

Results from the canvass will not be released until after limited in person voting is over on June 2.

For information, questions or concerns, please contact the Election Director, Katherine Berry at (410)386-2958 or

Canvass Challenge Form

Tentative Canvass Schedule

Thursday, May 21 9am-4pm; Board decisions 4pm

Friday, May 22 9am-4pm; Board Decisions 4pm

Saturday, May 23 9am-4pm; Board decisions 4pm

Thursday, June 4 9am-4pm; Board decisions 4pm

Friday, June 5 9am-4pm; Board decisions 4pm

Saturday, June 6 9am-4pm; Board decisions 4pm

Monday June 8-Tuesday, June 9 TBD


Thursday, June 11-Friday, June 12 TBD