Mail-In Ballot Information

For more information about mail-in voting, visit: Information and Instructions for the 2020 Elections

All voters must complete an application for a mail in ballot found at the link above. The request can be mailed, put in the Board of Elections drop box outside of the office or emailed to the Board of Elections.

The deadline to request your ballot by mail is October 20. Applications must be received by close of business in the office on October 20 or 11:59pm via fax or email. If you miss this deadline, you must call or email the Board of Elections Office to make an appointment and arrange for picking up your mail in ballot.

Under the federal Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act, military voters and voters who live outside the U.S. can vote by mail in ballot. If you are a military voter or live outside of the U.S., visit to learn more about the process.

Note: Maryland does NOT have a permanent mail in ballot list. If you wish to vote by mail, you must apply for a ballot each primary and general election cycle.